Summary of the Golem AMA July 2020

Welcome to the summary of the bi-monthly Reddit AMA, July 2020.

Summary of the Golem AMA July 2020

Welcome to the summary of the bi-monthly Reddit AMA. During the July AMA, we had some tough questions, which for us at Golem is always good - as they push us to do better and challenge us to go farther. The primary focus of the questions revolved around The Next Milestone (TNM). In particular, stages needed to progress to MVP, attracting developers and users to TNM, and general community related questions.

This summary will focus mostly on the technical news concerning the TNM roadmap and delivery goals, long term network self-sufficiency, addressing what we’re doing to improve, and quickly address the ERC20 migration challenge.

We’ve included a TL;DR at the end of this post.

What we’re doing to improve Golem

Naturally, by now anyone who’s checked in on Golem in the last few months would be aware of the Rust revolution of Golem going into New Golem. This is a technical revolution of course, and it’s also a change to how we approach the community.

We want to highlight that we’re always looking to learn more from our community and take every opportunity for ideas on improvements. Recently we’ve put together the Community Incentives Program which includes a broad range of flexible categories with rewards for each. In combination with the Golem Monsters (SuperRare x Golem) competition. This is part of our larger plan to transition into the needs of New Golem.

In addition we’re working to improve the community’s access to Information in the forms of the GitHub Digest (#1, #2 and #3), better communication channels and support and a revamp in documentation. We’re also passionate about making it easier for the technically and the non-technical part of our community to be able to see how much work is being done without being required to have any coding skills with high-level overviews and more miscellaneous approaches such as visualizations.


Looking at the road to MVP, one of the defining criteria of MVP for us is that the network and TNM implementation would be functional and stable-ish enough for developers to use it to deploy their apps. We’ve established that we will do this in 3 steps/minor milestones (before MVP). We have just achieved the 1st of these steps. Two more to go. We plan to show you the first outcomes of our work within a few weeks and gather feedback. If it turns out that we need some course corrections - this may require us to change the roadmap. The new platform and our strategy are oriented around requestors/developers so feedback-wise we plan to work mainly with this group to make the experience as smooth as possible.

We have 3 Golem products being designed. They will be presented in the form of “inspirational packages” with a bounty. Besides that, one other product, the one we mentioned as the “use case coming together with the MVP” is already in development. Those are the initial propositions and hopefully the community will deliver more.

Another thing to mention here is that one other team is commissioned to build one app on TNM: this app serves the purpose of showing what can be done with TNM. It will showcase the use of the SDK as well.

ERC20 Migration

We often get questions in the community about ERC20 migration. All the tech and communications materials are almost ready, the audits are completed and favorable as well. We are now going through final and necessary processes to activate the procedures.

All hands are on deck following up on this project to expedite it.


We are at a pivotal moment here at Golem. With so many things on the horizon, sometimes coordinating everything is not as easy as it was once forecasted. However, we are optimistic about our future, as it is just around the corner - and we would like to continue having the support of the community to achieve this.

As a hint - please be on the lookout for news in the upcoming weeks. We’re gearing towards a very eventful August and from then onwards, Q4 at Golem will require lots of efforts.

Thank you for challenging us and for sticking with Golem.


We’ve established that we will progress towards the MVP for The Next Milestone in 3 steps/minor milestones. We plan to show you the first outcomes of our work within a few weeks and gather feedback.

In terms of community and communication we’re shifting these and constantly looking to improve to suit the needs of TNM.

The Migration to ERC20 is almost ready as well, pending further legal analysis and some preparation efforts to be able to announce a date. The hermetism in this project is necessary to ensure there are no security issues that can result in problems for our token holder community. Thank you for your understanding.