The Golem Monsters x SuperRare Art Contest

The Golem Monsters x SuperRare Art Contest

Hey! At Golem, we have an amazing community of people that have been with us for a long time.

We’re the OG Ethereum Dinosaurs (Golem was first introduced at DEVCON0 and crowdfunded before ICOs were a frenzy, so imagine!) and very proud of it. This second half of the year, we are celebrating the building of our brand new platform, which is meant to significantly enhance developer experience and allow for limitless application development powered by Golem. To this end, we would like to commission the SuperRare artists with the task of creating the Golem Monsters, which will be turned into NFTs to reward those unwavering community members that have been with us for so long.

At Golem we are SUPERFANS of the SuperRare community! Some of us are collectors, some have already commissioned art before (remember the ShatnerHODL?) and we just love the vibrant artist community. A lot of Golem team members are art aficionados, and our first use-case was a rendering engine for Blender. So the choice to celebrate New Golem and our community with art are SUPERNATURAL!

What do you have to do? This is easy: you have six weeks, starting Wednesday, July 15th, to submit artwork for the Golem Monsters x SuperRare contest. The artwork needs to feature a monster, of course, but that’s about it. We are all about freedom, so let’s practice what we preach, you get to work and everyone will get a fair chance to get rewarded.

If you are looking for inspiration - check the killer video we produced in 2018 and broke the internet.

For our logo, in case you want to use it (not a requirement) please click here.

The Golem team will pick four winners, and each of them will get 1.5 ETH (please bear in mind we will need to get you KYCd, but we promise it will be minimal and painless - if you do not wish to disclose your identity, you won’t have to - all data is confidential).

Additionally, we will be publishing all artworks, regardless of being selected as winners or not, to our social media platforms. If artists want to upload a version of their monster design to SuperRare they are welcome to as long as they change it up to be its own new unique version of the artwork (different from the submission). Golem will happily share the tokenized works with the community!

Where to submit? Simple: use this TypeForm. We also encourage you to share it on Twitter and tag us @GolemProject. We’d love to see our feed invaded with colors!

We’re looking forward to checking out your creations!
Please make sure you read our data policy and terms and conditions.