Golem Meme Contest: educate + have fun + win a prize!

This is a meme contest. all memes should be educational or informative - we will select two winners for 500 GLM each.

Golem Meme Contest: educate + have fun + win a prize!

Hey! At Golem, we have an amazing community of people that have been with us for a long time. We’ve been running the incentives programs since July 2020, we just released the January awardees and for the month of February we’re going to shake it up a little we heard your feedback and would like to try out one of your ideas, with a bonus meme category!

What do you have to do? The contest will start today as of this blog release and finish alongside the February GLM Rewards Program. Any time you submit memes should be either tagging us on Twitter or submitting to Discord (in the #watercooler channel) for it to be considered for the meme contest. To be part of the competition the meme needs to be one of either: educational, explain what Golem is, raise awareness of decentralization. We won’t be considering price related memes.

If you are looking for inspiration - see the awesome video we produced in 2018 on Golem and decentralization. For our logo, in case you want to use it (not a requirement) please click here.

The meme category will have 2 slots, and each of them will get 500 GLM.

We will be publishing some of the submission highlights to our social media platforms.

PS if you want a tip on how to get super bonus points, try use Golem Network (Yagna) to help create your meme and show to us how you did it!

Note: the same as any GLM Rewards Program category, the meme slots will require KYC. Please make sure you read our data policy and terms and conditions.