Community Update - CIP winners(!), EDCON, zkSync, CHEM@Golem + more

Community Incentives Program round 1 winners and recent community updates & coverage!

Community Update -  CIP winners(!), EDCON, zkSync, CHEM@Golem + more

Hi everyone! We’ve been up to a lot these past weeks so we decided it’d be best to create a community update and collate all the information in one place.

Community Incentives Program - round 1 winners

To start off with we’re going to announce the winners of the first round of the Community Incentives Program. By community request, we released a qualitative leaderboard of the top candidates last week.

The CIP winners are:

Feedback Masters (1000 GNT): @scb_scb (Telegram) and PM-Me-GNT (Reddit)
Tech Supporters (5000 GNT): Doc#3498 (Discord) and dmcnic#0236 (Discord)
Content Creator of the Month (2500 GNT): @Jian83193202 (Twitter)

As mentioned in the CIP blog post, winning candidates will be required to contact us on the official Golem Project twitter within two weeks to claim your rewards.

In addition, we had 11 developers surveyed as part of the UX Research Participant category (11,000 GNT total). We are really looking forward to continue with our program and ramp up the categories as we grow our network and new milestones are achieved.

Note: We’ll be announcing The Golem Monsters SuperRare Art Contest winners soon!

EDCON summary

Kuba presented Building New Golem: Where We’re at and Where We’re Heading where he dove into a bit of golems history and CHEM@Golem (already covered in this update). He went over our ambitions over migrating GNT to be an ERC-20 token such as allowing DEX listing, being necessary for several features required in new Golem (e.g. Layer 2, gas prices have been insane lately!), and removing sole reliance on centralized exchanges for user-onboarding.

Kuba discussed the host of upgrades the MVP offers over the TaskAPI with simplicity at the heart of the new design. The high level APIs utilizing Python and Javascript coupled with the zkSync payment driver aims to create a platform that is a far more intuitive platform revolving around the developer. The MVP will feature a marketplace that is fully decentralized. Getting started will be easier than ever with the Linux provider client (CLI) and additional inspirational packages and bounty programs to support exploration. The alpha release is the first step towards reaching the MVP, and we will be releasing this very soon. If you are interested in getting your hands dirty and testing it out let us know!

If you’re interested in the bigger picture, Kuba also shared a sneak preview of what to expect for the MVP down the line and discussed a list of what we’re most excited about.

Scalability on Golem + Ethereum using zkSync

Relevant to the list mentioned above, yesterday we released a blog post on our step forwards towards adoption of Layer 2 scalability with Sliding (we mean - rolling!) into Layer 2 with zkSync🌀: scalability on Golem + Ethereum. Considering the network congestion that’s been affecting dApps and users alike,this announcement is also meant as a call to action. We hope other projects down this path or thinking about adopting Layer 2 solutions can spread the word and help these teams test their work.

CHEM@Golem Highlight

CHEM@Golem is a scientific modeling project on Golem with which our providers will be able to run help running the computations needed to simulate chemical reactions. With the project, our providers will be able to help run the computations needed to simulate chemical reactions.

These calculations aim to generate a model formed by synthetically feasible chemical space of small organic molecules. There are over a billion reactions to check so we want more providers running Clay! Optimally we need over 1,000 providers running tasks successfully.

Naturally, we’re also very excited about work we’re doing on The Next Milestone, but for those providing computing in the community, Clay Golem is where you want to be now (and where we need you) more than ever. Follow the installation instructions here.

Community clarification and breakdown of updates

We want to highlight that we value all community feedback and do our best to keep everyone in the loop on what we’re up to. We monitor all platforms the community is active and try to go above and beyond to the best of our ability, helping people understand Golem and what we’re up to. On Reddit, MP (u/mariapaulafn) created a Breakdown of Updates to help clarify some topics.


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Thank you for reading this Community Update! If you have any questions - please comment on the Reddit thread. We are very excited to have this program, it took a lot of love and work to prepare it and adjust it to Golem's needs and the community's expectations. We are looking forward to your participation!

You can expect another update around this time next month!

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