Yagna 0.12.2 Patch Release: Restoring Functionality and Addressing Rinkeby Shutdown

Yagna 0.12.2 Patch Release: Restoring Functionality and Addressing Rinkeby Shutdown

We'd like to share an important update with our users regarding the new 0.12.2 patch release for Yagna, designed to provide crucial fixes and restore essential features. This release primarily focuses on addressing the recent shutdown of the Rinkeby testnet, which resulted in requestors being unable to run their applications. We understand the inconvenience this has caused and have made the necessary changes to restore functionality ⚒️

Changes Implemented:

To overcome the challenges posed by the Rinkeby shutdown, we have made the following changes in this patch release:

  • Default Testnet Payment Network: We have changed the default (testnet) payment network to Goerli. This change ensures that requestors can seamlessly conduct transactions.
  • Enable funds acquisition on testnet: We have enabled the 'yagna payment fund' command specifically for Goerli to allow users to effortlessly acquire funds on testnet.  

Do users need to take any action?

If you are a Yapapi or Yajsapi user, you will need to update to the latest releases. Once you've done that, you can easily run your tasks on the testnet, and the system will automatically choose Goerli as the payment network. No additional steps are required on your end.

We encourage users to test the patch release and continue providing valuable feedback to help us improve the platform further. Rest assured, we remain committed to delivering an exceptional experience and supporting our community through every step of the journey!

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