The transformation towards a stronger Golem

The project has now reached a stable phase, so part of the team is able to diversify and research other business/tokenomics avenues.

The transformation towards a stronger Golem

When we started the project, the four co-founders played a key part for its success:  Julian and Andrzej with their business and organisational skills helped to roll out the whole endeavour, while Piotr and Aleksandra helped to create the technical project and implementation. The project has now reached a stable phase, so part of the team is able to diversify and research other business/tokenomics avenues.

For that purpose, the Golem Foundation was created which will be run by Julian and Andrzej, while Aleksandra and Piotr will focus on the Golem Project, and will keep the development process focused on our milestones, in addition to new complementing technologies and business partnerships/approaches that might come along the way.

In short, Golem Factory GmbH will be led by Piotr and Aleksandra - while Julian and Andrzej will steward the Golem Foundation.

The Golem Project at the moment requires the technical team to be fully focused on its completion. Its technical richness and complexity are in the best hands possible - managed by the same people that architected the first technical specifications. Our technical team remains together and continues the progress steadily and without interruption - since the Golem inception, to the launch into the Ethereum mainnet and the latter stages to come.  

Brass Golem Mainnet has been running without interruptions for more than a year, and we are getting closer to the next milestone in our roadmap, Clay Golem. Simultaneously, we have been developing our products Graphene and Golem Unlimited. Of course, the road has not been easy, never was, and we expect more obstacles to come. But the important thing is that the team has remained resilient, reflective towards the natural evolution of the software and of the ecosystem - and that Golem is in continuous and focused growth, now for more than three years and a half since our Crowdfunding.

The decentralized ecosystem evolves at an even more rapid pace than software. Companies need to adapt, grow, and look after their token holders. From the small start-ups we used to experiment with and bootstrap, our humble enterprises are turning into full-fledged companies, which will shape the business landscape of tomorrow, and our decentralized future.

This new chapter will enable us to speed up the construction of new business tools, take bolder risks and work more dynamically at the same time.

We would like to make it clear to our community and the wider Ethereum community, that Golem is stronger than ever. Golem Factory GmbH will deliver not only all the components and milestones that conform to the fully operational Golem Network, but also new tools, business verticals, and growth opportunities.

For now, we are thrilled to share this news with you, and as we understand that you may have a lot of questions for us, our lines are fully open. It was, is and will be always a pleasure to work with and for this ideas-burgeoning ecosystem.