AMA October 2021 Summary

Welcome to the Summary of the Reddit Fall 2021 AMA! You can find below a summary of the best questions and answers!

AMA October 2021 Summary

Welcome to the Summary of the Reddit Fall 2021 AMA. During the October AMA, we had interesting questions regarding current and future endeavours, and technical development. You can find below a summary of the best questions and answers!

Current and future endeavours

A small update regarding our collaboration with Allchemy: the last three months with Life@GOLEM we computed over 11 billion reactions, which produced about  3.5 billion viable biotic molecules. This would not have been possible without the awesome Golem Community, and will lead us to further cooperation with Allchemy!

With regards to Thorg, our newest baby project, we’re about to add some exciting functionalities, targeting laptops with GPUs with RAM below 6GB that will be able to mine ETC. Development on Thorg moves so fast that, since the AMA, this functionality is already available.

Ideally, we’d like to see the Golem client integrated with every major OS, and our SDK and tools to be extremely user friendly as to reduce the barrier to entry.

Ça va sans dire, Golem is an open platform, and growing a healthy ecosystem of applications is pivotal to its success, so we are always eager to hear and support your ideas!

Tech developments

We’re exploring the possibilities of keeping services running even when the requestor goes offline.

At the current stage, it would theoretically be possible for the requestor to provide a reverse proxy that connects to a service within the VM and listen to responses that would contain wrapped requests to the outside world but currently we don’t provide any examples of similar usage - however, in the future we’re planning to enable the requestor agent to listen to connections on the VPN interface so such scenarios would be much easier to execute.

A friction-point that is often raised in the Discord conversations, is the need for standardized cpu/hr costs to better serve requestors’ needs, and we are considering a few solutions to that - if you want to dig deeper into the issue, here you can find a great blog post by Marcin Benke describing the problem in more depth.

We’re also working on providing Internet access support - initially, we plan to restrict the set of allowed protocols, i.e. running only trusted images.

Something we already cooked up in yapapi is smart contracts containing a mapping of hashes: you can use a full GVMI image URL instead of the sole image hash so that you can store your images anywhere. We need to update the documentation, but in the meantime, you can have a look on github.


Finally, in terms of marketing, we’ve been more active than ever, with digital marketing & influencer marketing across different platforms, for which we are currently engaging a new influencer marketing agency.


That’s all for now folks! Thank you so much for participating in this AMA, it’s an exciting time to be part of the Golem adventure, and we look forward to the months to come!

Here are some resources for you to follow to learn more and keep up with the Golem Project.

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