Testers Wanted for a New Golem GUI

As revealed in our GUI refresh preview post from some time ago, exciting new progress is being made on Golem’s user interface. As Golem’s lead frontend developer, I can say that where we are now is a massiveimprovement over the “coder UI” of the earliest alphas. Even though things are still very basic (and still very specialized), we are now internally testing an easy-to-use and, if I may say so, rather beautiful user experience. Thanks to Matt Innes for his fine work there.

However, before a general release is made, we would like to open testing up to a few more Blender users, ideally across all platforms that we support. If you fit the description and would like to test this release, please email blender.tests@golem.network. Be sure to enclose in the body of the email which platform you will be using, so we know which build to send. And please bear in mind that we are seeking feedback! We ask that you be prepared to answer some basic questions:

  • Does the interface make sense?
  • Were you able to add new Blender tasks?
  • Did you have any technical issues?
  • Is the performance of the UI acceptable?
  • What are the details of your system configuration?

Corresponding to this private test event, we are also pleased to announce the opening of the new UI’s GitHub repository. We will be cleaning this up over the next few weeks, so expect things to shift around quite a bit. After this private test period is over, an actual release will be made to the general public, bringing us pretty close to where we want the UI to be for Brass.

Thanks as always to our supporters (and our critics), you all help to make our project better every day.