Scientific Recognition for Golem Network-Powered Project Simulating the Origins of Life on Earth

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Scientific Recognition for Golem Network-Powered Project Simulating the Origins of Life on Earth

The project aimed at unveiling how life on Earth began has been published in a prestigious scientific journal, showcasing Golem Network’s applications as a DePIN project

ZUG, Switzerland, January 25, 2024 - Golem Network, the decentralized computing platform and pioneer in the realm of DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks), is excited to announce a key achievement in collaboration with the scientific software company, Allchemy. The scientific project powered by Golem Network aimed at discovering the origins of life on Earth has been recognized and published by the prestigious scientific journal Chem.

Previously, Allchemy unveiled a compilation of 50,000 molecules believed to have emerged during the origins of life on Earth, a scientific study published in Science Magazine. To further simulate the emergence of life's early metabolic systems, substantial computing power was required. For that, Golem Network played a pivotal role by leveraging the collective computational resources contributed by individuals worldwide. This work resulted in the calculation of 3.7 billion molecules and nearly 5 billion reactions, forming the most extensive known network of prebiotic reactions to date.

Approximately 20,000 CPU cores from the Golem Network were utilized to recreate the billions of reactions, proving the scalability and power of decentralized computing. The collaborative nature of Golem's platform allowed individuals, irrespective of geographical location, to play an essential role in simulating how life on Earth began.

"The scientific community recognition of a project powered by the Golem Network marks a significant milestone," said Paweł Burgchardt, CPO at Golem Network. "It underscores the impact that DePIN platforms can have on accelerating and powering diverse projects in fields like scientific research. However, the implications of this groundbreaking project go beyond the scientific community. It demonstrates how DePIN projects, like Golem, can help others access decentralized resources, resulting in cost savings and contributing to the environment through the optimal utilization of existing resources."

As Golem Network continues to innovate, the commitment of users worldwide to contribute their computational resources highlights the community-driven spirit of Golem Network and reinforces the vision of a globally accessible, decentralized infrastructure.

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