Reputation System Gets a Turbo Boost: AgreementSelector Speeds Up Tasks using Top Performers

Reputation System Gets a Turbo Boost: AgreementSelector Speeds Up Tasks using Top Performers

We're excited to announce a significant upgrade to the Reputation System: the AgreementSelector! This new feature builds upon the success of our initial launch and empowers you with even greater ability in selecting the most suitable providers for your tasks.


Two weeks ago, we introduced the alpha version of the Reputation System, allowing requestors to filter providers based on key performance indicators (KPIs) like uptime and success rate.


The AgreementSelector takes things a step further. Imagine it as a magnifying glass focusing on the best providers identified by the Reputation System's initial filter. It uses their historical CPU benchmark scores (single-thread and multi-thread) to pinpoint the absolute best fit for your specific task requirements.

Why it Matters

By leveraging the AgreementSelector, you can:

  • Boost Task Completion Speed: Our latest results showcase a significant reduction in task execution time – from 79 seconds to a blazing-fast 48 seconds!
  • Fine-Tune Selection Criteria: The Reputation System allows you to adjust the weights assigned to different KPIs like uptime, success rate, and now, CPU performance. This empowers you to prioritise what matters most for your project.

The Future of Smart Selection

Our commitment to continuous improvement doesn't stop here. We're actively gathering data on provider availability under various weightings and conducting fuzz testing to determine the optimal balance for peak performance, success rate, and provider availability. This valuable data will guide us in developing even more effective selection mechanisms in the future.

Ready to Experience the Improvements?

Head over to our updated documentation to learn how to leverage the AgreementSelector in your projects and unlock a whole new level of efficiency on the Golem Network!