Re-airdrop of OMG tokens

Re-airdrop of OMG tokens

We have just initiated the re-airdrop of OMG tokens transferred to Golem’s multisig.

Important: We will not request anything from your side. Any e-mail, website, etc. asking you to do something for the re-airdrop is fake. Remember, you do not have to do anything, just wait for your OMG to arrive. If anyone reaches out and asks you for information to participate in the OMG airdrop they are trying to scam you. If you come across any potential scams or other malicious behavior regarding this airdrop please notify us via

We will use the distribution of GNT from block 4269226 (13–07–2017 10:46:05 UTC), which is the block when a portion of OMG was transferred to Golem’s multisig. The amount for re-airdrop is 29,303.67 OMG. Here is an overview of the process and what you need to know going forward:

  • Golem is going to redistribute OMG tokens sent to Golem multisig wallet 0x7da82C7AB4771ff031b66538D2fB9b0B047f6CF9 in the OMG airdrop.
  • Golem received OMG tokens in the transaction 0xa9cd19cdb0f7a7ba4ffa56950bb961f1efa50eb40a6d7441b10047f658d9e51f in block 4269226.
  • The distribution of OMG tokens available in Golem’s multisig to GNT holders has been calculated according to GNT balances in the same block 4269226.
  • Addresses of wallets owned by Golem and Golem team have been filtered out and will not receive any OMG.
  • The minimum GNT balance required to receive any OMG was ~ 25633 GNT. Holders with this amount will receive just above 1 OMG.
  • 1547 GNT addresses meet the requirements for the re-airdrop.
  • If you held more than 25633 GNT at the time of the block your allotment will be proportional to your holding.
  • The transfers are going to be executed in 30 batch transactions of 50 using a helper contract.

Reminder: you are responsible for your own security. Avoid phishing traps by sticking to official sources.