Our GitHub Repository is Now Open!

Golem is highly scalable compute network infrastructure, which may well become an important part of the new decentralized commons. However, in order to be truly successful at achieving such a lofty goal, we believe that decentralization must be taken seriously at all levels: from the token, to the compute nodes, to the development itself. It is not only our wish that Golem not be “owned” by any single entity — we would in fact see that outcome as a design failure, full-stop.

That is why we are building Golem on free and open source software, and why we are pleased to announce today’s opening of our public GitHub repository, which contains all work-in-progress sources for Golem and related components, released under the GPLv3 license. We invite all interested developers to dive in, and to start getting familiar with the work so far. We’re looking for criticism and feedback (public or private) to help us discern how we might improve Golem, now and into the future!

We would also like to take this opportunity to invite capable security researchers to come and take a look. Golem’s nodes can do quite a lot, and we know that the protections afforded by sandboxed environments are still not perfect. As Linus’ Law says however, with enough eyes, all bugs are shallow, so let’s make sure we are building a secure network for compute together!

Finally, we again extend an invitation to anyone who simply wants to try running a node on our testnet. Please do stop by our Slack if you have a spare machine and want to run a test node! As Golem is at an early alpha stage however, be warned that nothing resembling stability should be expected. We’re working as fast as we can to make everything rock-solid. Also, please remember that for now, Golem runs on testnet Ethereum, and thus all gains and expenses are without redeemable value.

We look forward to your feedback about this first public milestone!