Introducing Golem's Latest JavaScript Library Updates

Introducing Golem's Latest JavaScript Library Updates

We're thrilled to announce the most recent set of releases for Golem's JavaScript SDK. This post highlights the major updates in @golem-sdk/golem-js 1.0.0, @golem-sdk/react-2.0.0, and @golem-sdk/cli-2.0.1. Let's dive into the features and enhancements that these updates bring to the Golem platform.

Key Improvements


  • Activities can last longer than 30 minutes: Golem-js now utilizes a mid-agreement payment model.
  • Methods removal: beforeEach() has been replaced by onActivityReady() & map() and forEach() can be substituted with standard JavaScript syntax.
  • Improved behavior on no proposals: Instead of an automatic exit, behavior will rely on the value of the exitOnNoProposals flag when no proposals are found on the market.
  • Addition of a new method to work_context: spawn method returns a RemoteProcess instance.
  • Changes in Executor's Error handling: The Executor no longer terminates on task errors; instead, the run method re-throws the error.
  • Table was removed from all loggers.
  • Added Debug Logging functionality to work_context command.
  • Lifecycle Events Emission: Task executor emits lifecycle events through an EventEmitter.
  • maxTaskRetries validation added: the parameter cannot be less than zero. A value of zero will prevent task retries if an error occurs.
  • Return Type Alteration: undefined removed from the return type union.
  • Worker type no longer takes two parameters.
  • The task executor's constructor is now public.
  • TaskExecutor.end() method is deprecated and replaced by shutdown()


  • Hooks now consistently expose error information and we added an error property.
  • UseTask now also provides error information in case one is encountered.

Impact on Requestors and Providers

These new features improve overall execution performance, and elevate the user experience for both requestors and providers within the ecosystem.

Upgrade Instructions

For existing projects, update the library using your respective package manager's procedure to access these latest enhancements.

Documentation and Resources

Explore our updated documentation available at

Feedback and Reporting

Your feedback is invaluable to us. Join our Discord js-discussion channel to share your thoughts or report any issues. Alternatively, you can report issues on the golem-js GitHub repository or golem-docs GitHub repository for the library and documentation, respectively.

Conclusion and Looking Forward

We're continuously working on new features and API enhancements to elevate the developer experience and provide full support for yagna features. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being part of the Golem community!