Introducing Golem Foundation

Introducing Golem Foundation

One of the greatest memories of my life is the excitement I felt when we first started thinking about Golem. Weeks of discussion, followed by sleepless nights building the earliest prototypes told us “we can really do this”. When we finally announced publicly, we received more positive feedback and encouragement from the community than we ever expected. That push gave us every strength to carry on the work, and to this day we hope to live up to everyone’s expectations and truly change the world for the better.

Good news is that we have made great strides towards this ultimate goal. We’ve researched and solved some of the major issues in the realm of incentivized computing in a decentralized setting. Indeed we built the first decentralized platform and a market for computing power that has ever existed, and are set to further deliver in line with this original plan.

Golem Factory is today; one might say, a mature organism that efficiently deals with the Golem project, achieving new goals and improving on the development quality.

After almost five years since we started, without doubts or concerns regarding its further development, we’ve reached the point when we could take the next step.

This step is ... the Golem Foundation, which will strive for new - perhaps innovative and experimental, and at the same time riskier - approaches to the value proposition for Golem and for the Golem Network Token (GNT). This includes testing new hypotheses and looking for attractive solutions that potentially increase the value of the entire project in the future.

The Foundation has been endowed with a portion of the original capital raised in Golem’s crowdfunding, which also means taking a part of the original liability towards the community that generously supported us back in 2016. Such an expansion of our structure will allow us for even better use of our resources. Golem Factory will be able to focus on the further development of the Golem platform, while the Foundation will have a chance to explore other opportunities without introducing any risks for the project. From now on, our liabilities towards the community will be fulfilled in parallel by Golem Factory and Golem Foundation.

The Foundation will be run by myself and Andrzej Regulski. While we are moving to Golem Foundation, we will no longer act as, respectively, Golem Factory CEO and COO.

At the same time, the co-founders of Golem, Piotr Janiuk, and Aleksandra Skrzypczak, will from now on be solely responsible for managing the Golem Factory. Over the past few years, they have repeatedly proved that they are effective leaders of our space, truly devoted to our shared vision. I am convinced that their efforts at the right time will take us to a higher level of Golem development.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the team that has been creating the Golem Project. This wonderful group of talented and devoted people makes us proud. Thanks to them, the project goes in the right direction and allows us, with peace of mind, to dedicate our talents to additional challenges.

It is time to start another exciting chapter in the history of Golem – with new support from our foundation and a brilliant and robust Golem Factory team that will still build this groundbreaking project.

We’ll be speaking again soon.