Golem Portal has been launched!

Golem Portal has been launched!

After working on it for a few months, I am excited to announce the Golem Portal πŸš€. We have started to work on it to lower πŸ“‰ the barrier to entry for developers to run apps on the Golem Network (a peer-to-peer marketplace πŸ›οΈ for computational resources). In addition, we want to improve Golem adoption and attract more users to create applications on our platform.

Golem Portal is fronted πŸ–ΌοΈ for the marketplace (Golem Network) that allows users to start applications on the Golem Network using a friendly web interface (in contrast to CLI πŸ±β€πŸ’», that until now was the only way to interact with apps on Golem). Think of it as an additional abstraction layer over our API and SDK. We have also added deployment visualization πŸŒ†, where you can see the steps required to run an app on Golem Network, how many providers are active, and how long it takes to start each node. Check out Golem Portal now!

Please remember that Golem Portal is in an alpha version 🚼 right now. Due to this, we cover the costs of running applications. It allows you to try out three different apps, each presenting a different use case: connecting to Ethereum, using a Database, and connecting to an external API. We still miss some features like:

  • a proper troubleshooting tool for users in case a deployment goes south
  • an option to submit your own application
  • user authentication/login

However, those are already on our roadmap. You can read more about Golem Portal and its vision on our About page and Discord Server channel #πŸ›golem-portal-intro.

πŸ›« Where is Golem Portal headed?
We envision Golem Portal as a place to test, publish, or even sell your applications. We will have an authentication and authorization mechanism that will enable community rating & reviews for Applications.

We plan to be an aid to our Community on Discord. Once authenticated on Golem Portal, i.e., via Discord, you will have your own self-sovereign profile, where you will be able to share your Discord badges, Golem Minted NFTs, and other certificates/achievements related to Golem or web3.

Ultimately we are going to give our community the option to publish their own applications. However, before that, you can still run your own golem-compose using dapp-runner.

⏭️ Β What’s next for Golem Portal?
We plan to grow an additional layer of Services on Golem Portal, such as GPU Rental or, more specific, i.e., Stable Diffusion. After, authenticating with your wallet (MetaMask). On top of that, we have some ideas for initiatives such as the Central Reputation Score or Golem Academy. Please stay tuned for more details!

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