Golem Newsletter June

Happy Summer! It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through 2021. We’re very excited to share some updates from the past month with the community.

Golem Newsletter June

Hello All,

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Happy Summer! It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through 2021. We’re very excited to share some updates from the past month with the community. One of our biggest highlights has been the ongoing transition to the Mainnet version of Golem, officially called Yagna. The move first began in March, and started the transition from Alpha into Beta development. Other updates now live include:

  • Beta 2 release
  • Improvements including: services API making the building of services oriented applications straightforward, new payment verification mechanism, major GSB improvements, and more.
  • Golem’s patch for Beta 2, codenamed Airmail (0.7.1), contains improvements to Golem that didn’t make it into the timeline of the freeze that was set for the initial 0.7.0 release
  • Golem Network Stats API documentation

To celebrate Beta 2, we also created a few exciting bounties to be paid in GLM, our native currency. This transition is a huge testament to the progress Golem has made.

Read on for more key highlights, and don’t forget to check out our *NEW* Community Contribution of the Month section below… you just might see your own projects highlighted there one day!

We wish the whole Golem community a happy and safe summer 2021!


The Golem Network Team


We’re beyond excited to kick off the first ever Community Contribution of the Month aspect of our newsletter with Golem Fleet Battle Simulator! The Golem Fleet Battle Simulator, from community member UnfortuN8, is the first project to be featured in our Golem Rewards Program Spotlight! It creates an exciting gaming-use case for the Golem Network, and is integrated into Rock Paper Frigate using Golem to process the results of PvP spaceship fleet battles in the game!

Our community is constantly growing and we’re always so proud of the work our developers put in to create unstoppable, amazing creations.

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Jan Betley, Senior Software Engineer

Jan is a Social Science graduate, with a focus on Game Theory and has worked for over 10 years as a backend developer, mostly for startups. At Golem he's a software developer in Apps & Cooperations. In his free time, Jan enjoys outdoor activities like biking and hiking, or playing contract bridge.
Fun fact: He's a big fan of Nature and rational thinking.


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