Golem Network Introduces 0.12.1 Patch Release, Addressing Critical Bug Fixes and Enhancing User Experience

Golem Network Introduces 0.12.1 Patch Release, Addressing Critical Bug Fixes and Enhancing User Experience

Golem Network, the open-source, decentralized computing platform, is thrilled to announce the launch of version 0.12.1. This highly anticipated patch release focuses on resolving significant bug fixes and implementing key improvements to provide users with a more stable and seamless experience.

The decision to release version 0.12.1 stems from the accumulation of a substantial number of bug reports that were impacting both external and internal users. Notably, a memory leak issue caused inconvenience for users, particularly affecting the functionality of the dapp-portal. While addressing this memory leak was not the top priority for users, we understand the importance of resolving any hindrances to ensure a smooth user experience.

The 0.12.1 release introduces several crucial changes that enhance the platform

Outbound Issue Fix: We have successfully resolved an outbound issue, significantly improving external internet access for our users.

Provider Memory Leak Fix: Our development team has diligently eliminated a memory leak affecting the provider, resulting in enhanced performance and stability.

Log Improvements: Various enhancements have been made to the platform's logs, providing improved visibility and facilitating more effective issue diagnosis.

ya-provider Clean Command Fix: The previously encountered bugs related to the ya-provider clean command have been rectified, ensuring seamless execution.

P2P Communication Issue Fix: An issue related to peer-to-peer communication between nodes, specifically when there was a change in identity, has been resolved, bolstering overall network reliability.

Golem VPN Issue Fix: We have successfully addressed an issue with the Golem VPN, eradicating the problem of the entire virtual network shutting down when a single node was removed.

These changes were crucial bug fixes aimed at ensuring the proper functioning of the affected features. Reports of these issues originated from both external users and our internal team, highlighting the necessity of addressing them to provide a more reliable and seamless user experience. Furthermore, some of the implemented fixes pave the way for investigating related issues and opening up possibilities for further enhancements.

The changes introduced in the 0.12.1 release cater to various user needs

Outbound Experimentation: Users now have the opportunity to consider outbound functionality for their future projects, allowing for greater flexibility and experimentation.

Enhanced Golem Portal Experience: With the implemented fixes, users can fully experience the wonders of the dapp-portal, unblocking their development process and enabling them to explore its full potential.

Stability: The bug fixes contribute to a more stable platform, reducing inconveniences and ensuring reliable performance.

Provider Resource Control: Providers can now regain control over the disk resources used, enhancing efficiency and enabling better resource management.

With these changes, users can expect a range of benefits

Requestors: With improved outbound functionality, requestors can now explore outbound capabilities, expanding the possibilities for their projects and facilitating more comprehensive testing.

Providers: Providers will enjoy a better overall experience as several reported problems have been successfully resolved, resulting in smoother operations and improved performance.

Golem Network remains committed to delivering a robust and reliable decentralized computing platform. We strongly encourage all users to update to the latest 0.12.1 version to take advantage of these critical bug fixes and enhancements.

Installation Guide

Please note that this installation method works just like any other Yagna version. If you are familiar with installing previous versions of Yagna, this process will be familiar to you.

To install the 0.12.1 patch release, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open your terminal or command prompt.
  2. Depending on whether you're a provider or a requestor, use one of the following commands:
  • For providers: Enter the command

$ curl -sSf https://join.golem.network/as-provider | bash -

  • For requestors: Enter the command

$ curl -sSf https://join.golem.network/as-requestor | bash -

3. The installation process will begin automatically. Sit back and relax while the new patch gets installed on your system.

Happy installing and enjoy using Golem!

About Golem Network:

Golem Network is an open-source, decentralized computing platform, harnessing the power of distributed resources for complex computations and more. Through an innovative peer-to-peer network, Golem enables anyone to participate, collaborate, and benefit from a decentralized ecosystem that is revolutionizing the technological landscape.