Golem JavaScript Library: October Updates

Golem JavaScript Library: October Updates

We are happy to share with you the latest set of releases of Golem's JavaScript library. This post summarises: golem-js 0.12.0; @golem-sdk/cli 1.0.0; @golem-sdk/cli 1.1.0 and @golem-sdk/react 1.0.0. Let's explore the key features, bug fixes, and other improvements that these updates bring to the Golem platform.

Key Features/Enhancements

1. getHealthyProvidersWhiteList

Requestors now have access to the getHealthyProvidersWhiteList helper, which uses a service to execute a simple task on providers in the Golem Network. It whitelists providers who properly deliver the result.

2. Error Messages for No Proposals

When no proposals are received, the SDK will now provide an error message. This allows requestors to experiment with demand options and proposal filters, and the SDK will notify you if your selection criteria eliminate all available proposals on the market.

3. transfer Command Support

Users can now download data via HTTP with the newly added transfer command.

4. skipProcessSignals option

An option to disable installing signal handlers has been added. Users can define their handlers for signals, including "SIGINT," "SIGTERM," "SIGBREAK," and "SIGHUP."

5. getIP method

The work context API now includes the getIP method, allowing providers to obtain the VPN IP of the provider for building applications with interactive nodes.

6. @golem-sdk/cli Manifest Creation

@golem-sdk/cli now offers the functionality to create a manifest. This is required to request outbound services from providers.

7. Boilerplate Creation

@golem-sdk/cli now includes the capability to create boilerplates for JavaScript applications. These boilerplates support JavaScript and TypeScript using ESM and CommonJS modules, as well as React applications, with automatic dependencies installation.

8. @golem-sdk/react Library

The new @golem-sdk/react library contains a collection of React hooks that simplify the use of Golem in React applications.

How It Affects Requestors and Providers

These features significantly expand the potential use cases for Golem apps, improve overall execution performance, and enhance the user experience for both requestors and providers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the condition for the amount of providers' CPUs to accept the 'equal' situation in the demand.
  • The SDK will no longer wait for rejected invoices.

Upgrade Instructions

Use the respective package manager procedure to update the library in your existing projects.

Relations between libraries in JS SDK

Documentation and Resources

Explore our new documentation bundle available at docs.golem.network.This updated resource features a refreshed look and a completely new structure, including guides, examples, tutorials, and instructions for tool usage. We hope it serves as a valuable reference for your development journey with Golem.

Feedback and Reporting

Your feedback is invaluable to us. Join our Discord js-discussion channel to share your thoughts or report any issues. Alternatively, you can report issues on the golem-js GitHub repository or golem-docs GitHub repository for the library and documentation, respectively.

Conclusion and Looking Forward

We are committed to continuously improving the Golem ecosystem. Our team is working hard on new features and API enhancements to further improve the developer experience and fully support yagna features. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and thank you for being a part of the Golem community!