Golem goes to The DAO @daoi.st

We have a pleasure to announce that we have decided to submit a proposal to The DAO. We are planning to offer The DAO a share in the anticipated revenue stream of the Golem Network as a reward for funding development of Golem in the next 18 months.

We understand concerns of The DAO community on security issues and we are not submitting the contract before these problems have been resolved. However, we are convinced that this period can be used to present our idea to The DAO community, gather feedback and ultimately fine-tune the proposal.

We will be publishing more materials in the days ahead. At the moment an overview of our proposal (we call it a preproposal) is available at Daoi.st.We have an honour to be one of the first projects hosted at this promising platform, which is focused on presentation and promotion of projects willing to take form of a DAO or seeking funding from DAOs, including The DAO.

We will soon be ready to make Golem source code available, which is a good indication of what we have accomplished so far.