Golem GitHub Digest #8: Awesome Golem and next steps to Alpha 3

We’ve created an “Awesome” (directory of resources) list for New Golem that anyone can contribute to. We also cover what you can expect for the Alpha 3 release.

Golem GitHub Digest #8: Awesome Golem and next steps to Alpha 3

What’s in store for this Digest?

It was a busy October at Golem!. We released the Alpha II alongside a set of bounties for developers, a provider Sneak Peek, and announced our migration date for November 19th 2020, 4pm CET.  [Takes deep breath] We hosted an online event to highlight the amazing progress of layer 2 scaling. This topic is particularly relevant to the current development for the next release, the Alpha 3.

If you want more details then please dig into last Friday’s Past 2 weeks report!

Another exciting thing we have to show off is the Awesome Golem repository and resources directory, we’ll go into that in the next section!

So, what’s in the Golem GitHub?

Awesome Golem

Awesome lists are GitHub repositories that contain a list of resources for a given topic. They’re made as a one-stop-shop for finding information. Today we’re introducing Awesome Golem, a community-curated list of resources that anyone in the community can contribute to! If you’ve been in the Golem community for a while then you might know of the Golem Comms Archive Trello page, this similar to that although focused on resources for New Golem to help developers, requestors, providers, or anyone wanting to do research on the new platform to hopefully find everything they need to learn in one easy list. If you find something New Golem specific and want to add it to the list then feel free to submit a Pull Request. Remember that helping out on GitHub is part of the CIP *hint hint*. ;)

Yagna and the migrated ERC20 token

As mentioned, the migrated ERC20 token destined to be used in the new platform, once New Golem is launched into mainnet.Having an ERC-20 token is necessary for many things but right now our priority is Layer 2, which is part of the payment driver we’re in the process of integrating into New Golem. If you want to learn more about this topic then check out our blog on zkSync.

The development plan for the next release is that it will have layer 2 payment driver integration in the next release (Alpha 3). In terms of development on GitHub the majority of this work is completed with tests working successfully.

Something more of a Quality-of-Life feature that’s pretty awesome being created is statistics monitoring. For the new network we're looking to have a much more detailed statistics page that what's currently available at stats.golem.network.


Another feature the developers are working heavily on for Alpha 3 is SGX integration. You might have had a suspicion of this already if you read the coverage of PoC of SGX in GitHub Digest #6. Major commits into the ya-client (Yagna Client) and Yagna repositories were added to help facilitate this integration.

Digest wrap-up!

That’s everything we have for you in GitHub Digest #8. There’s a bunch of juicy details relating to our development plans in the recent Reddit AMA giving a bit of a picture of what GitHub will look like in the coming weeks. We’ll have a summary of the AMA coming out shortly. If you have any questions then feel free to join the community and ask the team.

Also don’t forget the Community Incentives Program is still running. To get involved in the CIP join our Discord chat, get involved on Reddit, tag us in interesting conversations on Twitter, or even throw some memes Telegram. See you in the next GitHub Digest!