Golem GitHub Digest #4: diving into latest releases in the Golem repositories

This week we’ll be going over our latest GitHub activity focusing a release.

Golem GitHub Digest #4: diving into latest releases in the Golem repositories

What’s in store for this Digest?

Welcome to the 4th Digest! We’re excited to cover some of the details of GitHub and general project updates. If you followed the Reddit AMA closely you might have noticed that we’ve established we will progress into The Next Milestone MVP in 3 steps/minor milestones. You might also have seen that we plan to show you the first outcomes of our work within a few weeks and gather feedback. This is relevant to this Digest since the team has been gearing up with exciting progress related to that.

We’ve released an AMA summary with some of the information that we feel the community will be interested in such as ERC20 migration and other details surrounding TNM. Now let’s dive into GitHub development!

So, what’s new in the Golem GitHub?

Yagna, the client implementation of The Next Milestone, has had it’s the latest release since the Virtual Machine POC release in June. The latest release, named Alpha - Developer Preview (v0.3.0a) is the first release envisioned to be tested by developers and the community. While not ready to be tested yet, we will have communications coming out in the not too distant future explaining this further when the team has run through tests and preparations regarding the developer preview.

Yagna runtime virtualmachine (ya-runtime-vm), the lightweight docker-like execution environment for tasks, had a pre-release created (pre-rel-0) which is also relevant to tests and preparations for the developer preview. Similar to the ya-wasi-runtime release covered in the previous GitHub Digest, it’s a non-production ready release purely for helping in testing the progress of TNM.

As for the Market MVP, we discussed the major milestone in our previous Digest (#3); that we are supporting basic (aka 'happy path') scenario for decentralized Marketplace implementation. While technically possible, it has the potential to be unstable in a decentralized environment of what we want for our developer preview so we will likely start with a centralized market approach for testing purposes.

Digest wrap-up!

The most important topics we wanted to highlight in this GitHub Digest were the new releases the development teams are putting together in preparation for the upcoming first minor milestone for TNM. We will be releasing a lot more information explaining this and what it means for the community soon so for now this is as much as we will cover it.
Side note! Don’t miss our coverage on Graphene v1.1 just released. See you in two weeks :)