Golem Beta 2 Patch Release - v0.7.2

This release, codenamed Olive Branch (0.7.2), changes mostly revolve around a good quality-of-life feature in the APIs and optimizations.

Golem Beta 2 Patch Release - v0.7.2

We’re updating you with a new patch for Golem. This release is codenamed Olive Branch (v0.7.2). Since the previous patch, which included a number of features and improvements that we didn’t get a chance to squeeze in before our feature freeze, we’ve focused on cleaning up and addressing some edge case minor/non-critical bugs that were introduced in the Beta.2 major release. From a user perspective, the changes mostly revolve around Market Service improvements, a filtering feature for requestors in the APIs, optimizations and coming less in contact with some rare bugs. For more information and issues closed with this patch, check out the beta.2.patch.2 tag on the Yagna GitHub.

This release also coincides with updates to the JavaScript and Python APIs, Rosewell” Yapapi v0.6.2 and “USS Jeannette” YaJSapi v0.4.2. You can find the detailed changelogs in the releases linked. A desirable new feature for requestors in the latest API updates is the support for filtering provider offers by available CPU cores.

As usual with the patches, this patch is completely backward compatible with the release so getting started and updating is as easy as running one command shown in the next section.

We introduced our Golem bounties at the end of June. The requirement in the bounty descriptions is to use v0.7.1 although if you’re a bounty hunter and feel so inclined—while not a requirement—you are definitely welcome to use this patch release.

Installing and Upgrading Golem - Yagna v0.7.2

Starting out or going from the recent major releases to this patch release involves running only the quick installation command. After stopping Golem / Yagna (with CTRL+C), run the command below and you’re all up to date! Or if you're installing for the first time you can simply run the commands below.


curl -sSf https://join.golem.network/as-provider | bash -


curl -sSf https://join.golem.network/as-requestor | bash -

As a requestor, you might also want to keep in mind that it's possible you need to create a new app-key when you go to create your next task (you'll be given an error mentioning this if it's the case).

As security advice for both requestors and providers, you should be backing up your keys if you have mainnet tokens. You can back up your keys to your wallet with the export command (while Golem is running):

yagna id export --file-path=./key.json

Getting started with Golem for the first time?

If you’re just getting started with Golem for the first time, you want to go to the handbook. It includes the installation steps as a Provider or Requestor (video walk-through), along with explanations and important details such as Command-Line Interface (CLI).