Degen Hack Conference & Hackathon: Highlights

Degen Hack Conference & Hackathon: Highlights

We’re thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of Degen Hack Conference & Hackathon! Here’s a recap of this exciting event:


We had an incredible turnout, with enthusiastic developers and creators joining from all corners of the digital universe and also on-site in Warsaw. Huge thank you to all the participants! 🙌

Projects Completed

A total of 10 projects built on Golem Network were submitted in only 2 and a half days! 👏
You can find all of them here:


Bounty #1 – Leverage the computing power of Golem Network using the JS SDK to solve any problem you can ever imagine:

🥇 SimGolem: SimGolem harnesses the power of the Golem network's parallel computation capabilities to run multiple simulations of ecosystem populations simultaneously. They won the top prize of $4,000! 🌟

🥈 Depsai: Their solution enables deployments to Golem Network through the web interface. This project won the $2,000 prize! 🌠

Bounty #2 – Improve our development tooling or provide additional adoption paths:

🥇 Golem Nation: This project integrates Golem Network with n8n, enabling users to easily access computing power for automation tasks through pre-created images, including processing video, audio and images, with simplified setup via a Docker-based environment and specialized workflow blocks. They claimed the first-place prize of $4,000! 🛠️

🥈 Golem Pipeline: A library for interacting with golem-sdk with an additional layer of abstraction - pipelines. They received the $2,000 prize! 🚀

Special Highlights

- AdressForge: A standout project that caught our attention. It utilizes a fork of createXcrunch ( ) to harness the power of a GPU for efficiently generating specific Ethereum addresses. 🌟

- Golem x Aleph Zero Venture - Tower by Frank: A reward for Frank Dierolf’s tireless efforts to merge Golem and Aleph Zero. Frank laid the foundations for the popular tower defence game in the Web3 world.

We’ll be sharing details about the next steps very soon. Stay tuned! 🌐✨

Szymon Paluch, responsible for the Strategy & Product areas of Golem Network, during his presentation at Degen Hack