Community Update: headed to Berlin and Japan!

The year’s not even close to ending and Golem has plenty in stock - so here we are, touching base to let you know we have resumed our events activities and other cool news.

Community Update: headed to Berlin and Japan!

Hello again, long time no see! This year has been quite busy for Golem so far: our transformation, announcing the Graphene working group in April and building the first release (read below for a short update), integrating new use-cases, getting Concent ready, upgrading our marketplace, and working on other verticals such as Task API. But the year’s not even close to ending and Golem has plenty in stock - so here we are, touching base to let you know we have resumed our events activities and other cool news.

First off, we are extremely excited that our Workshop “Workshop: Building on top of Golem with gWasm and Unlimited” has been accepted for the Novel Languages track at Devcon V in Osaka, Japan!! Viggith, Piotr Chromiec and Mikolaj Barwicki will be carrying out this 45-minute workshop on one of our favourite Golem products, Unlimited.

What will this workshop involve? The Introduction of our Wasm use-case (gWasm) enables a wide range of apps to be deployed on Golem.

We’re also sponsoring Devcon, so be sure to stop by our booth and ask all the questions on our products, and pick up some cool swag!

As you might notice, the addition of the gWasm usecase, adds incredible versatility to the Golem Network - and we want to help developers see these possibilities and the potential of Golem to be able to power up their work. Golem Unlimited fits perfectly in this equation, as any IT laboratory, universities, and companies will be able to leverage the power of the Golem Network while computing their work in a trusted manner. And of course, they'll have the possibility of earning GNT by acting as Golem Network’s fat providers.

But before we head to Osaka, we are planning a couple of other events (including some in Japan - so stay tuned!) and this week is jampacked actually.

On Wednesday, August 21st, Lukasz Glen, our head of RnD will be presenting gWASM to the ETHBerlinZwei developer audience, and explain why is this use-case great and different than eWASM or others for the decentralized ecosystem (and why we welcome people to fork our work and our research) - Golem moves WASM to server-side computations. For anybody knowing WASM they know this is a big novelty, and we look forward to onboarding new people to the network.

The next day, August 22nd, Aleksandra Skrzypczak our acting COO, will be presenting “10 Questions to an Ethereum OG” at Dappcon Berlin, the conference for Ethereum Dapp Developers. You might have heard about this talk, as we sourced some of the questions from Reddit. Stay tuned to see which ones we picked!

During the following weekend, we’ll be closing the weekend sponsoring ETHBerlinZwei, Europe’s largest Blockchain hackathon, that last year was founded by María Paula (writing this update) who’s in charge of our communications. With projects such as the Görli Testnet, Vlad Zamfir’s Sharding PoC, Fully Homomorphic Encrypted Smart Contracts and a decentralized IPFS, last year the hackathon proved very successful. Golem was present and organized a workshop on UX, that gave as a result, the seeds for the start of the largest UX community in Ethereum, the Metacartel - so let’s see what the 2019 edition has in stock!

Finally, just a short update with regards to Project Graphene, as the community has been asking: we are still with the last touches and bugfixes for the first release. We expect this release to arrive in the upcoming 2-3 weeks if no unforeseeable arise. Please understand this is a very novel technology, the first one of its kind in the market - so it is taking slightly longer than expected but not so long we would need to make big announcements. Good things come to those who wait (not very long, this time!)

We’ll be updating Livestream links and more info on the Japan activities soon - so watch this space.