Community Update - CIP August winners and Golem Monsters Art Contest

Community Incentives Program August winners and Golem Monsters Art Contest coverage

Community Update - CIP August winners and Golem Monsters Art Contest

In this edition of our Community Updates we are once again announcing the Community Incentives Program winners, and including the Golem Monsters Art Contest as well.

Community Incentives Program - August winners

We just finished August of the Community Incentives Program so to start we’re going to announce the winners. By community request, we released a qualitative leaderboard of the top candidates a few weeks ago which we’ve updated based on August participation.

The August 2020 CIP winners are:

Feedback Masters (1000 GNT): nestorbonilla#7921 (Discord) and NeedzRehab (Reddit)
Tech Supporters (5000 GNT): Doc#3498 (Discord)
Content Creator of the Month (2500 GNT): GTISBESTINSNOW (Reddit)
Task Force General (7000 GNT): EthereumCPW (Reddit/Twitter/Telegram/Discord)
Super User (2500 GNT): etakmit#2453 (Discord)
Telegram Administrator (1500 GNT):@jaspervv99 (Telegram!)

You might notice that there is only one Tech Supporter while there are two available (as announced in July) slots in the category, in other words, one slot went unfilled. We did not get any new aficionados undertaking this task. At the same time, we’d like to commend Doc for his 2-month winning streak and consistent help and contributions to the project.

We’re always on the lookout for community members to contribute so if you feel you’re up to the challenge then please join our Discord chat - your help goes a long way and never unnoticed. We’re here to reward you all!

As mentioned in the CIP blog post, winning candidates will be required to contact us on the official Golem Project twitter within two weeks to claim your rewards. Alternatively, email with your full name.

Last week we also announced our collaboration with Gitcoin, consisting of bounties, and a hackathon, in order to expand our community. We are growing stronger!

Golem + SuperRare Monsters Art Contest

We are super happy to announce we have received 23 artworks for our Golem + SuperRare Monsters Art Contest.

While we intend to start a gallery with the NFTs from the artists, the current gas prices are an obstacle to this. Nevertheless, we would like to announce the winners (1.5 ETH each as reward) and congratulate them!

AndreaM0610 this monster dares you to dream. We love the serpentine lines and the mesmerizing blue schematic. Thank you for such beauty!

Golivano (on Telegram) the classic beefcake monster is so perfectly clean that it hums. There is no doubt one wouldn’t want to be caught in its glaring red stare! Thank you for classic tight lines!

ghostcodelab the silver monochromatic theme captures depth, and movement. Thank you for an absolutely thought provoking and vibrant work!

ambiguouslyNoah this piece is so unique. We love the collage of monsters, the activity, and the layer of fun this piece offers! Thank you for a good time!

We are very thankful for the great community response and to see our efforts on expanding our fandom are beginning to see results. This is only the start of it. In the coming months, as we drop more releases, offer more rewards, and come up with new programs, as well as following up with CIP, we’ll surely welcome more Golem fans to our fora! Thank you, everyone!

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