Community Incentives Program (CIP) December Update!

With the Community Incentives Program, we offer rewards for community contributions on a monthly, and bi-monthly basis. This is the December update.

Community Incentives Program (CIP) December Update!

With the month of December having come to a close (catch the Golem 2020 review), it means that Golem Factory has been running the Golem Community Incentives Program (CIP) for 6 months now.

Our initial goal of the CIP was to give back to the community, showing support to those who spend time to help other Golem community members and create project growth. This has been more valuable to us than ever during the Golem Online Hackathon which, combined with the Alpha.3 Provider Bounties, meant that we had more activity in the community Discord than ever before!

CIP Spotlight- The Golem Community

In this update we want to highlight how much fun it is to see the dynamic forming in the Golem community. The exciting part about the Hackathon, Bounties and CIP combined is that there’s a synergy between people development, learning, teaching others and simply just getting involved in a way that suits each individual. We’ve encountered nothing but positivity in the community Discord and we want to extend a thank you to everyone who joins. We also hope that everyone had a nice holiday season and happy new year.

Let’s dive into our December CIP awardees.

Community Incentives Program - December awardees

The individuals we’ll be awarding the CIP slots for this latest round are:

Feedback Masters (1000 GNT each): anshuman73#3182 (Discord) and wouimbly#4120 (Discord)

Tech Supporters (5000 GNT each): dmcnic#0236 (Discord) and reza#2219 (Discord)

Content Creator of the Month (2500 GNT): Octavianus SG (Twitter)

Task Force General (7000 GNT): Doc#3498 (Discord)

Super User (2500 GNT): Zootopia (Golem Network, Clay)

Telegram Administrator (1500 GNT): @jaspervv99 (Telegram)

Please shoot an email over to and we’ll follow up with instructions. Or find Mattias in the community Discord ( and he will be happy to help you. Particularly if your node is named “Zootopia” on the Golem stats page, we’ve noticed your node has been online almost 24/7 for a long time :)

Note that after this CIP update we will be looking at switching CIP rewards to GLM rather than GNT.

Wrapping Up

We hope that anyone can feel free to get involved in the Golem community and participate in the CIP. As always, there are no minimum requirements, it’s technically speaking an opt-out program so unless you strictly mention you don’t want to be part of it then to get started you simply need to be active where the Golem community is discussing and interacting. The Golem team is often active in the Discord, /r/GolemProject and /r/GolemTrader on Reddit, Telegram and announcements channel.

Since the CIP requires KYC then of course you can opt-out if it’s not for you, we just want to token our appreciation and offer it in a tokenized way.