Brass Golem Beta 0.20.1 patch release

Brass Golem Beta 0.20.1 patch release

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First of all, thank you for welcoming gWasm! Following up on the feedback from the first few days of your usage of Brass Golem 0.20, we’re here with a small patch release, addressing the few most cumbersome issues that you have reported. Thank you all for participating in making Golem a better product!

Most important fixes included in the patch are: the updated file transfer client which addresses the excessive CPU usage problem on Windows machines, fix of the confusing “Not enough RAM” message on the front-end and a couple more fixes to a few other minor nuisances that you reported.
For those of you interested in even more details, please consult the full changelog.

As always, we wholeheartedly encourage you to download the update and share any and all feedback - pertaining to both Golem itself and to our new gWASM environment - with us on chat, reddit and over email.

For those of you who already upgraded to 0.20.0, the upgrade should be completely painless and for all the others, here’s what to do:

Upgrading to Brass Golem Beta 0.20.1


Download and execute the installer from our release server.
If you’re upgrading from versions prior to 0.19.x, be aware that Brass Golem Beta 0.19+ uses Docker for Windows. Docker for Windows comes with a new type of virtualization support: Hyper-V (Windows Server Virtualization) in place of the old Docker Toolbox. This virtualization change should provide a more stable environment for Golem nodes, but it does not come without difficulties.

Please be aware that if you are using any other virtualization software (for eg. Docker Toolbox, VMware), do not to install Hyper-V as this could potentially impact performance.

Also if you are a Windows 10 Home user you will not be able to install Hyper-V as it's not supported. Fortunately, we have kept Docker Toolbox support in this case. The only downside is that you will have to install Docker Toolbox manually from now on (available here), as it's no longer part of the install package. You’ll find more detailed Golem+Docker Toolbox installation instructions in our docs.

If you encounter any problems with Hyper-V you can still uninstall it, and try to run Golem with Docker Toolbox.    

If any errors occur during any process, please let us know in the testers channel at or write an email to (make sure to include “Error” in the subject field so we can catch it quickly).

Please have a look at our Windows 10 installation tutorial on YouTube:


Download the Linux installation script. In terminal, run:

chmod +x && ./


To upgrade Golem, type commands below to update Golem:

brew update
brew upgrade golem
brew cask upgrade golem
brew unlink golem
brew unlink hyperg
brew link golem
brew link hyperg

With those simple steps in place, you should be running the latest release of Golem for macOS.

Please have a look at our Mac OS installation tutorial on YouTube:

Important! Before you run Golem make sure to be running Docker for Mac:

Cmd + space bar, type Docker and hit enter.

Confirm that Docker is running properly. If you encounter any issues with Docker for Mac please follow instructions on Docker for Mac github.