Golem Beta II Release

Enter Golem Beta II, the latest and shiniest implementation we’re introducing today!

Golem Beta II Release

Since the initial mainnet release (Beta I) a few months ago, we kept on incessantly working towards improving the current reference implementation of Golem, and we are proud to announce the release of Beta II, our newest release!

Golem is extremely lucky to be registering daily provider ATHs (All Time Highs) seeking to earn GLM and contribute to the decentralized web. At the same time, since Alpha II, we have seen more and more software developers (requestors) building on top of the protocol. If you are curious about the Golem Ecosystem, you can browse it here.

The community’s feedback on the previous iterations has been crucial for us to fine tune and add functionalities to Golem. Enter Beta II, the latest and shiniest implementation we’re introducing today!

The improvements in Yagna (Eutukhia) 0.7.0 (this is Beta II’s longer name) will offer a better experience to both providers and requestors, and it includes a new ERC20 payment driver that will fix some of the previously reported bugs; fine-tuned market negotiations, including the ability to restart a negotiation, and cancel or reject an agreement. Some of the most important features include:

  • Services API, combined with the Service Model development documentation - making the building of service-oriented applications straightforward for a developer
  • New payment verification mechanism
  • Major Golem Service Bus (GSB) improvements
  • A substantially improved Golem Test Harness (watch this video to learn more about Goth)

According to Golem's Compatibility Policy, this version is backward compatible with Yagna v0.6.0, however, we strongly recommend to use 0.7.0 as it offers more stability and it reduces the footprint on the hosting machine.

But there’s more! With the new Yapapi (Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co) 0.6.0, we have some major improvements and additions including:

  • Yapapi.service, a new high-level API for services
  • Improved API user experience
  • A simple service POC

We also have a new implementation of YaJSapi (Victoria Hill 1884) 0.4.0, with, amongst the others, an improved agreement pool and concurrent processing of market offers.

In the video below we go through starting up as a requestor, running your first task, and then running the simple service POC.

As always, we are planning to release bounties for those brave to test our new implementation. The bounties will be released within a week - and there is a big change here: from now on, bounties will exclusively be paid in GLM, our native currency. The progress of Golem, coupled with the ecosystem growththanks to various programs and the increase of providers in the networkproves the potential of GLM. Software developers participating in the network will be incentivized with its currency, therefore generating more agency and a sense of ownership. If GLM wins, we all do.

Finally, we are also preparing some new exciting examples to run atop of Golem and we continue working on the scientific computation project - stay tuned for updates on these fronts over the next few weeks. That’s all for now folks! As usual, we look forward to receiving your feedback and learning about your experience. You can reach us via email, Discord, and please keep us in the loop with your newest endeavors when building on Golem, we’d be happy to include them in our Awesome repo!