After Berlin — the Spirit of Cooperation

We hope you enjoyed Golem’s meetup in Berlin as much as we did. Reflecting on it over the weekend, the team thought it was a great event. And although we covered a lot, we also had some streaming issues, and I thought it might be useful to wrap up the essentials of the evening in a blog post.

So, who was there and why it was relevant to Golem?

OmiseGO. Since late 2015, imapp* has worked as a contractor for Omise (and later OmiseGO). This is a long term relationship and is about much more than just a contractual obligation. Working with OmiseGO gives imapp an opportunity to work on exciting technology directly related to the Ethereum ecosystem.

Plasma. Our understanding of Plasma is that it will advance whole Ethereum space and that it should be a community-driven project. While OmiseGO is directly interested in advancing Plasma, we believe that it might make sense for Golem to get involved as well. Saying that, we currently have our hands full with Golem’s initial production, so we are not jumping into a partnership just yet.

Qubes OS. Running a reasonably secure OS has a large overlap with Golem. This vision and the challenges involved, were summarized by Joanna Rutkowska during the meetup. While building a true cloud computer together might be an ambitious goal in the long term, in the medium term we will be focused on the R&D of ideas which will extend the security of both Qubes OS and Golem. This is not expected to be in production for Brass. Piotr Janiuk plans to write a more detailed blog post about this cooperation soon — stay tuned!

Streamr. When we first wrapped our heads around Streamr’s idea, we soon realised their project was actually another use case which could sit upon Golem network. Given the synergy between them, Golem and Streamr naturally share some technological challenges aswell. Our hope is that we can solve them together and that Golem will be able to act as a back-end for Streamr. At the moment we are working on first PoC of Streamr-class tasks running on Golem. Again, this is not expected to be in production for Brass.

We believe that the more cooperation we have amongst the decentralized technology community, the faster we will build the full and reliable stack of technologies we all need.

* Imapp is a Polish software development and consulting company, where the idea for Golem first started after we first heard about Ethereum. It is also the main contractor developing Golem.