Accelerating Blender Animation Rendering with NVIDIA GPUs

Accelerating Blender Animation Rendering with NVIDIA GPUs

In the field of decentralized computing, innovation knows no limits. It's the collective efforts of talented individuals like Norbert, a Golem Network community member, and a skilled software developer, that continue to push the boundaries of what's possible. A few months ago, Norbert introduced a groundbreaking proof of concept that unlocked the potential of NVIDIA GPUs on the Golem Network. 🖥️💡

Tapping into the Potential of NVIDIA GPUs

Norbert's proof of concept has opened up a world of possibilities for Golem. Among the numerous potential use cases, this feature can be used to render a Blender animation on the Golem Network. Rendering complex animations on a single machine can be a time-consuming process, but with the power of NVIDIA GPUs harnessed by Golem Network, this process can be significantly accelerated. 🕓🎞️

A Rewarded Effort

Norbert independently developed this Blender addon, and his efforts were further recognized and supported with a grant of 20,000 GLMs. 💸

See the Blender Addon in Action

To truly grasp the impact of this development, watch Norbert's tutorial where he showcases how NVIDIA GPUs on Golem Network can significantly accelerate Blender animation rendering on Windows. 🎬

What’s Next?

➡️ We're excited about supporting the development of the portal allowing rendering blender files on GPU via browser. We're actively seeking a community member who would like to join Norbert as a front-end developer to collaborate on this project (and get paid). Reach out to us on Discord if you'd like to get involved! 🌐🤝